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Using The Gallery Slideshow Plugin: Download the plugin from and install it on your site. Create a gallery via the “Add Media” button while editing a page or post. To activate slideshow mode set the “GSS Slideshow” option to “Yes” in Gallery Settings. (Optional Shortcode Attributes: “name”, “options”, “link”, “style” and “carousel”.) Use “Text” mode in the visual editor to change the shortcode. For example, the default WordPress gallery shortcode:

[gallery ids="1,2,3,4,5,6"]


[gallery gss="1" ids="1,2,3,4,5,6"]

And this is the resulting slideshow:

flower4 U05Pv4L3bRo Tall Pink Flower flower2 vertical flower 4534156346_06351fd209_z
Captions can be changed by editing the gallery on on individual images in the media manager. Updated captions will appear on all instances of the image.

Here is a slideshow without captions (note pager position):

fruit n419701_38742807_4583164 fruit-fruit-33875750-604-453 awesome-fruit-design-1343162203

Here’s a custom slideshow featuring autoplay, set width, linked images, images with different aspect ratios and a carousel pager (thumbnails; new in version 1.3):

[gallery ids="1,2,3" options="timeout=5000" carousel="fx=carousel" link="file" name="cities" style="width:500px"]

Tokyo16 shanghai-nights city-night-wallpapers2 Brazil-Rio de Janeiro at night tourism destinations esplanade_skyline 20-night-free-hi-resolution-skyscraper-wallpaper 15298689

Full instructions on usage can be found at the Gallery Slideshow plugin page. Support questions and feedback should also be submitted on the plugin page at If you use this plugin please consider donating via PayPal and giving it a starred review on the plugin page. Thanks!

15 thoughts on “Gallery Slideshow

  1. ciao again,
    problem fixed, finally, i would like to kiss you in front obvsiouly, guy, it was due to the images size i must respect the image size settings, okay i’m happy as a child.
    Now, if you could suggest me some plugin for video and other i wish to thank you.


    1. Version 1.3 of the plugin added a ‘carousel’ option that can be used to include thumbnails at the top of a slideshow’s info area. See the example slideshow with thumbnails above. See the plugin page on for more information.

  2. hi. just a question. can I use this plugin to embed our homepage? currently we have a still image in our homepage. we would like the banner to be a slideshow. I would like to use this plugin if it could work as homepage banners. thanks thanks

    1. I suppose you could, but there might be other plugins that are specifically for creating home page slideshows.

  3. Hello,
    I really like this plugin but I am having a problem with multiple slideshows in a post. They seem to be linked and only controlled by the first slideshow. Is there something I can do to make each slideshow work on it’s own?

    1. Hi Vicki. When there are multiple slideshows on a single page you need to use a unique name attribute in each slideshow’s shortcode:

      [gss ids="1,2,3" name="myslideshow"]

      name: Use this attribute to give slideshow(s) unique ids (applied to container <div>). Give each slideshow a unique name/id when displaying multiple slideshows on a single page.

    1. Either 1) don’t enter them on your slideshow images or 2) cut/paste the following rule into your stylesheet:

      .gss-captions{ display:none; }

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